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I'm Kim, a devoted Landscape Consultant and Designer with a deep-rooted love for everything green - from flowers to trees, and shrubs. There's nothing in the realm of horticulture that doesn't excite me, with a particular soft spot for our buzzy friends, the bees!

My enriching 20+ year journey in the commercial landscape industry was full of learning, teaching, and unearthing all the nuances of this field. Despite the diverse roles I've held, from Account Management to Business Development, I found myself yearning for the heartfelt satisfaction that comes from helping individuals beautify their personal spaces, and love where they live.

Embracing this calling, I took an exhilarating leap (let's call it a joyous bungee jump) away from the corporate landscape, guided by a mission to reintroduce the personal touch in landscaping.

Come, join me on this enthralling adventure. Who knows, you may even find joy in the simple act of connecting with the soil, or at least, develop a newfound appreciation for it! Let's together revitalize the personal essence of landscaping. 


And remember, I'm here to help you design the perfect landscape that you've always dreamed of. I'm here if you need guidance in creating a space where nature and comfort coexist beautifully. 


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your problems, my solutions

Are you yearning for a breathtaking landscape but unsure where to begin? Do you enjoy gardening but need expert advice on what to plant? Or perhaps you have a vision for your outdoor space but need assistance to bring it to life? This is where my expertise comes in.

I provide personalized landscape consulting and design services, tailored to your unique needs. Whether it's crafting an elegant layout, handpicking the right plants, or advising on the perfect garden arrangement, I'm here to help. Each design is meticulously curated to serve as your personal oasis—a sanctuary where you can unwind and immerse yourself in nature's beauty.

If you're a DIY enthusiast looking to be hands-on in creating your dream landscape, I offer guidance and coaching to help you realize your vision. Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, I can oversee the full installation process through trusted local partnerships. In both cases, I'll ensure you're equipped with knowledge on how to care for your plants after installation.

As a landscape consultant, my ultimate goal is to empower you in your landscape journey, to the level you're comfortable with. Your landscape, your dream, your journey—I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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Calling All Realtors

Image by Eduardo Soares

Looking for that perfect closing gift?

 What better way to say "Thank You" or "Welcome Home" to your new buyers than with a beautiful planter? Do you want to stay top of mind with a potential client in

a creative way? Do you have an open house in need of a pop of color? Let me create a personalized planter bursting

with personality to meet your needs.


Want to Instantly Enhance The Curb Appeal? 

Do you have a potential listing and need a basic landscaping plan or

guidance to get the

house on the market? Do you have

a new owner who is looking to do a landscape renovation and just needs a plan?  Do you need

to add curb appeal to an

otherwise drab front porch to draw potential buyers interest? Let me help you by providing guidance with solutions for you, your buyers and sellers. 

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