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Image by Markus Winkler

My earliest memory as a little girl was of my mom and I going to the local nursery & picking out seasonal annuals for our yard (pansies being OUR favorite). I remember the excitement of finding the perfect plants, planting them and making lifelong memories in our garden year after year.  In those moments, my passion for horticulture was born. 

After starting my own family at a young age, I made the decision to pursue my passion through a formal education in Horticulture and continue in Agriscience Education and Plant and Soil Science. My passion was ignited. I have had an exciting career in the green industry and found teaching at our local Community College in the Hort Department to be my all time favorite! I have learned so much along the way, yet still have only hit the tip of the iceburg. I am a lifetime student and know I am going to learn so much from all of you! How exciting!!

I find that being outdoors, playing in the soil brings me so much peace and happiness. I have solved so many problems and found such solice in nature.  When I take time to slow down and look at the delicate face of a flower, I am always amazed at the intricate details each possess.  God's masterpiece! Try it out, I promise you will also be in awe.  

My Story

Image by Hedy Jimenez

23 years of


I have the know-how you need.


The Southern Daisy? 

The Story Behind The Name

Southern: I have a very VERY southern accent (that I love)! It's so strong that even people from around my local, southern NC town comment on it (and they sound like me). Hang around me long enough and you may just start saying "yall" and "hey" too. 

Daisy: My husband calls me Daisy and if that isn't reason enough...a Daisy is my favorite flower, was the main flower of my wedding. (Best. Day. Ever.) and has been said to mean new beginnings. Perfection!

Image by Luke Chesser
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