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A Bungee Jump of Faith and A Dream Come True!

Welcome to the greatest adventure of my professional career!

Five short months ago my father passed away. Ironically, it was on the day I was to start a new position, with a new company. I had left my comfort zone, many years with a great company, and a team of colleagues who were (and still are) like family.

My new company was gracious and understanding as my grief at times was unbearable. I knew however, something inside me changed the day I lost my honey-o-bunch (crazy nickname I gave him when I was 4 and it stuck), my dad. Time became so precious and living for today became necessary. I realized in my heart I was given the greatest gift. TIME!

The dream that God put in my heart some 10 years ago could no longer be pushed aside for someday soon. After prayers upon prayers upon… you catch the drift, and many, MANY conversations with my incredible husband (I’m sure Jesus and Tony got very tired of hearing from me)

I took a HUGE leap of faith, walked away from my new position, and here we are today.

I am pleased, SOOOOOOO PROUD and excited to announce my dream come true, at long last, my company and now this blog named The Southern Daisy.

Over the last 20+ years of going to school for, working in, and teaching at the local community college in the Horticulture Industry, I found a huge need for Landscape Consulting & Design. Not just your everyday, average landscaper, but with passion and purpose. Teaching clients the why behind the design, the how-to in the care of their landscape. The fun in a workshop of friends, old and new learning a new technique or a fun planted craft.

This is my passion, this is my life’s calling, I am The Southern Daisy. I hope you will follow along and subscribe to this blog. I would love to not only share with you but to also learn from you.

I also have a Facebook group you can join, and Instagram page,

With so much love,


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