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December Garden Checklist

Happy December! As we make our journey through the last month of 2021 whew..., I have created a checklist to remember, for outside. For the most part, It is a quiet month in the landscape with not a lot to be done.


December is a great month to start to plan ahead. Is there a new variety of tomato that you want to try or a new shrub you want to add for privacy? Do you want to create a new planting space (great time to start building that now or at least mapping it out). I recommend you start to think about and plan for in your garden journal. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of winter. Bring your camera along and snap some photos of the way things looks without their leaves and underbrush. These are also great to keep in your journal. Draw your garden diagram and update what worked and didn't work in the garden.

The library is a great resource, full of great books on the landscape and gardening. Feel free to take a trip to your local library and spend some time getting lost in a great book or two.


I hope you enjoy this list and feel free to add in the comments anything you also do in December.

✅Parts of my checklist are from the book Month by Month Gardening in the Carolinas by Bob Polomski. Great book I have enjoyed for many years.

✅Side note- Be sure you are keeping your live Christmas tree watered and never let the basin run dry (that causes a major issue for your tree). 🎄

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