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DIY Container Garden Planting

Container gardening is so much fun. You have the ability to be as creative as your heart desires, it is so rewarding. I found all of the materials from our local box store on clearance. It is very late in the season with the winter seasonal flowers being right around the corner. I chose almost everything that will come back next year. The fancy word for that is perennial (comes back each year).

I plan to plant them in the ground in fall so I can enjoy them next year.

The plant material I used are:

Thrillers (tall height) Red Coneflower

Fillers (medium height) Yellow Zinnia

Spillers (trailing) Purple Verbena

I hope that you will watch the video and see just how easy it is to plant a container garden. For all of you beginners and recovering brown thumbs, this is a perfect way to start. Not only are they forgiving, but they also require very little maintenance. I'm not sure it gets much better than that, what do you think?

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