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My First Customer- Design, Installation & Happiness

It is hard to believe that not only did I walk away from my career, my steady paycheck and my security blanket but also from the constant feeling of dread going into work every Monday! How many of you get that crazy feeling of dread somewhere around 5pm on Sunday night? Well I sure did!

I walked into this very first The Southern Daisy LLC client meeting with the feeling of freedom on my shoulders! I had every ounce of confidence that God had me and I was born to be on this path. Looking back I am in awe of the courage and so grateful for the days, weeks, months and years leading up to my decision to start my own company.

With all the giddiness of a kid at Christmas and my years of landscape experience, I worked with The Murphy's to give them their dream of the "Best Yard In The Neighborhood". This being their first home, they wanted to invest in the curb appeal. Always a wise choice in my opinion!

I put together a concept design that they could visually see the changes we would make. As you can see above, their 'before' photo was taken on my initial visit. I created my design from this photo. The Murphy's weren't sure what they wanted but were sure that what they had wasn't their favorite. With kids at home, I immediately felt removing the plants and increasing the yard by adding sod would be a great place for their kids to play and also aesthetically pleasing from all angles. They loved it. We added some pops of color but maintained a very low maintenance vibe.

The team I partnered with to complete the installation are three gentlemen dear to my heart. This was my team from my former company that performed the installations there for many of my corporate designs. The Murphy's were over the moon and so was I at the finished look and feel.

This one meant so much more to me than my first client, it gave me that confidence that I'm exactly where I'm meant to be and I am going to be just fine. :-)

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