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Sweet Summertime Vegetable Garden Harvest

There is something so rewarding about picking my garden. I imagine it is because I cultivated the soil, planted the seeds, carefully cared for the young tender plants, watched with anticipation for the sight of their fruits, then did all I could to keep them happy and growing to be their very best. That first pick of the summer season is always my favorite. There is nothing better than summertime!

I started growing a garden when I was 23. Its crazy to think back to that time in my life. I had a very young family and loved being outside...guess that never changed. My grandfather taught me how to carefully plan out my rows, how to use a tiller and what grew best in our rich NC soil. Some of my greatest life lessons came from him in those moments. You don't have to have experience to start a garden. I sure didn't and each year I learned something new and made many mistakes. It is worth the time and effort. That's a guarantee from me to you.

The summertime harvest is always exciting because you can really save money at the grocery store, control the amount of chemicals (or lack thereof) on your plants, and try new things. I love to try new vegetables and made a vow to myself that this summer (2022) I will try a variety of new things.

My best advice to anyone starting a new garden is to start small- otherwise you will be overwhelmed. I would even start with one plant, a tomato plant in a pot or in a corner of the landscape. Take good care of it, read up on what to do then do it. I'm always here to help you get started and keep going.

I will share something I don't share with many people- I feel that when I am working in my garden I find answers to so many of lifes struggles. Sometimes if I am having a bad day, I will go work in my garden and instantly my struggling heart is lifted and peace is replaced. In other words, working in the soil is very therapeutic for me. I have met so many people that started a garden during the pandemic and are in love. Give it a try, you might just like it.

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